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Breathing Exercises & 23 Natural Energy Boosters

July 26, 2016 at 8:37 AMqstampini

Less energy and weight gain have been a struggle in my middle age. I have noticed over the last 10 years after changing careers from restaurant management, where I was working an average of 12 hours per day and on my feet most of those hours , to real estate at Florida Platinum Group- Re/Max Services, where I am on my feet much less and get much less exercise that I have had less energy and gain weight at a faster pace. I know many other women in the real estate profession who are middle aged that suffers from feeling fatigue and have noticed weight gain as well. Over the years I have done research, tried many different techniques to help increase my daily energy naturally as well as lose weight. I will be sharing the results of what I tested and some powerful information that I feel many of you would also benefit from. I have been able to boost my energy naturally as well as lose weight which has resulted in having much more productive days in general. Tony Robbins is one of the most influential people I know. He is a business strategist who has influenced and coached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Tony has different events and retreats for personal and business development. Tony is one of my mentors, who I admire in everything he does. Tony lives a very healthy life both mentally and physically. Today, I am going to discuss his philosophy of what he personally recommends and how you can achieve energy naturally as well!


Breathing is a cleansing tool for our body. Our bodies have billions of old cells that are toxic and need to be removed from our bodies daily. We have to provide our cells with fresh oxygen continuously by breathing properly. If we don’t breathe properly we will most likely not obtain enough fresh oxygen, which then causes our body to hold on to an excess amount of fat. Our bodies can store food and liquid but it can’t store oxygen. Nine out of Ten of us do not receive enough oxygen on a daily basis. If we don’t have enough oxygen, the toxic waste in our bodies is not being eliminated the way they need to be. As long as we focus on breathing properly this will not be a concern.

Deep Belly Breathing


Deep belly breathing is the best way to breath. Try it! Lay down on your back, put a book on the bottom of your rib cage, take a deep, slow inhale through your nose letting your belly expand like a balloon (try to exhale a little longer then you inhale) focus on breathing deeply through your belly which should expand every time you inhale, by doing this, you will create a great deal of energy, and it will cause the waste from our bodies to be eliminated quickly and easily. If you don’t receive enough daily oxygen your cells will get strangled which will cause you to run out of energy very quickly. Generally, when people don’t receive enough daily oxygen they will work at about 1/5th of their potential and will cause our bodies to slow down. BREATHING properly is the utmost important thing that we ever do on a daily basis, while most of us don’t even focus on breathing at all.  In general, we tend to focus so much on our brains when we should actually be focusing on what our bodies are telling us as well. For Boosts of daily energy, Tony Robbins recommends we try a 21-DAY focused breathing program, which will boost our daily energy and will also jump-start our metabolism. Multiple studies show that 75% of the people that need to lose weight have a slow metabolism caused by lack of oxygen that we obtain daily. Your body isn’t able to burn fat if you don’t have enough fuel. Robins has tested and proven that if you will just stop, take 10 deep breaths from your belly 3 – 5 times a day for about 4 minutes each time, at the end of the 21 Days you will feel like a brand new person and will have also lost a lot of weight! MOST of us ignore the one thing that provides our bodies ENERGY – the amount of “OXYGEN” we consume makes up 70% of our bodies waste when processed through breathing.


Rebirthing is a breathing process that connects the inhale with the exhale process (usually pausing between the two) it is a powerful breathing exercise that you can do for just one-hour-per-week. Breathing works to improve so many things which include emotional issues that may be lodged somewhere in our bodies creating a lack of energy and also slows down our metabolism. Inhale through the nose for 4 counts – hold the air in your lungs for a count of 4 and then exhale through the nose for a count of 4 – if you are able to focus on this type of breathing for 3-4 minute time frames several times per day, you will not boost your natural energy but it also lowers one's stress level both mentally and physically.
Below are 23 Additional Ways to BOOST Your Daily Energy Naturally.

1. Sleep


Try and make your daily sleep a priority. You can begin by assessing your own individual sleeping needs. See your response to different amounts, and different times of sleep. Sleep is a key component to getting natural daily energy. Once you track your sleep pattern and daily food intake and exercise, mood, energy etc. For 21 days in a row then you can create and try and stick to a sleep schedule, including weekends and holidays. Also, evaluate your bedroom for ideal temperature, sound, and light. Make sure to sleep on comfortable mattress and pillows. Turn off electronics before you go to bed. The hour before bedtime, turn off the TV and put away any work, it’s time for relaxation.

2. Importance of a Healthy Breakfast


After 6-10 hours of sleep without food, you need the energy to get moving, for this reason; a healthy breakfast is your most important meal of the day. Within 1 – 2 hours of getting up it is recommended that you eat a healthy breakfast for a boost of energy. Some of the breakfast items recommended to start your day are as follows: whole-wheat rolls, whole-wheat bagels or whole-wheat oatmeal, with a lean protein, and a piece of fruit. Quinoa, pumpkin oats, almond butter, Greek yogurt, protein shakes are some of your healthiest breakfast options.

3. Raw Veggies


Bright colored raw vegetables help with a boost of natural energy. Some of the best options to boost your energy are beets, Brussels sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, spinach, red bell peppers, broccoli, kale, peas, and corn.

4. Bananas


Bananas contain an amino acid that plays a role in preserving memory and boosting your mood. Bananas are also great to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Adults are recommended to eat between 1 ½ and 2 cups of fruit a day and bananas can be part of their fruit intake.

5. B12


Your body can never get too much of B12. If you take more B12 than your body can process then your body will store what it doesn’t use for a later time. You can intake B12 through some foods, and/or vitamins. B12 keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy and gives you a huge boost of energy. B12 is responsible for the functioning of several critical body processes. It is possible for the body to develop a vitamin B12 deficiency, which usually leads to some major symptoms of fatigue.

6. B2


Vitamin B2 plays a major role in your daily energy and represents an essential nutrient in your daily diet. Your body needs a daily dosage of it since it cannot be stored in the body. B2 is in multiple food products as well as natural vitamins, which plays a major part in your daily natural energy.

7. B6


A lack of B6 can cause a lack of energy and depression. B vitamins, which are also known as B complex vitamins, play an important role in converting food into energy and helping the body metabolize fats and proteins daily. B6 can give you a massive boost of daily natural energy.

8. Eat More Frequently Per Day


It has been recommended to eat smaller meals more times per day as long as the meals are healthy. Eating more frequently will boost your metabolism, will help avoid exhaustion, will keep your blood sugar low and will keep your energy high throughout the day. The number of meals you eat throughout the day should be figured out through your total amount of calories you eat each day. If you eat an average of 2,000 calories per day, you may want to eat four times a day with an average of 500-calories per meal. Each meal should contain a minimum of 30 grams of protein. Remember when planning these meals that size is directly connected to satiety, so don't make them too small to be filling. If you did not plan your meals for the day, try and eat a solid, protein-rich meal every 3-4 hours, and you'll be more or less on track.

9. Fresh Lemon


Lemon water can give you energy, prep up your mood and relieve you from depression and stress. When you start to feel fatigue, you can suck the lemon through a hole in the top or even sniff fresh lemon for a quick boost of energy.

10. When You Find Yourself Thinking a Negative Thought, Picture a Stop Sign

<img src="stopsign.jpg" alt="stopsign">

Negative thoughts can drain your energy level very quickly. When you are thinking negative visualize a stop sign.

11. Peppermint Oil


Peppermint oil raises your energy level, provides mental clarity and alertness. Peppermint oil boosts your mind and senses, while also creating a sense of peace. Peppermint oil can provide relief from stress, depression, and mental exhaustion. It is also effective against feeling anxious and restless. To see other beneficial uses of peppermint oil and how can provide energy, click here.

12. Soak a Washcloth in Ice Water and Place it Over Your Face


When first waking up or anytime throughout the day you can make an ice-cold washcloth and place it over your face and even rub it on your hands and arms for a boost of natural energy.

13. When someone asks you to do Something, Reply by Saying, 'Let me check my Schedule and I’ll Get Back to You'

<img src="agenda.jpg " alt="agenda">

This gives you time to think about the request and decide if it’s something you really want to do, or if it will simply suck the energy out of you and waste of your time.

14. Make a List of Everything You’re Looking Forward to in the Next Month

<img src="list.jpg" alt="list">

Make a list of positive things in your life and your future; look at the list daily, which will help provide you additional energy.

15. Water


Many times people are exhausted because of the lack of water intake. 60% of your body is made up of water. Many healthy individuals recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Water gives you boosts of natural energy especially if you drink the daily-recommended amount.

16. Chew Gum


Chew a piece of peppermint or spearmint gum - you will get a burst of natural energy from the flavor and scent. The physical act of chewing gum can also give you a burst of energy.

17. Dark Chocolate

schokoladen scharf / hot chocolate

Dark chocolate is a natural energy booster that does contain caffeine and will increase your energy. Keep it to a moderate amount and look for dark chocolate that contains a minimum 70 – 80% of cocoa. Eating dark chocolate once or twice per week is actually good for you. It's energizing and mood-boosting.

18. Squeeze Ears


Pinching your earlobes for 10 – 20 seconds will create natural energy to your body. Slowly pinch your earlobes while making your way up the outer rims of your ears, when you reach the top of your ears, squeeze your way back down your earlobes.

19. Ginseng


Ginseng is a herb used for its energy boosting and medicinal properties. Ginseng has a reputation as a natural energy booster. It provides a boost of energy and lowers blood sugar. Ginseng is the natural remedy you need to boost energy and improve focus.

20. Guarana


When you are feeling tired and have hours of work to do, books to read, or roads to drive, Guarana is a form of natural energy that will help you achieve that. It has natural energy boosters and inside of that it will make you feel awake. Guarana is used as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

21. Coffee

kaboompics.com_Happy Coffee

If not consumed in large amounts, coffee can be a good source of energy. Look for coffee that isn’t artificially flavored; look for naturally ground coffee and brewed. Limit your daily intake to a maximum 1 – 2 cups per day.

22. Exercise


Any cardio is great, try to obtain a minimum of two times per week for 20 minutes, as little as this can create natural energy.

23. Natural Light


If you don’t have natural light in your office, or throughout your day it can make you feel fatigued. You can purchase a natural light with a soothing glow, which can mimic real sunlight. If you use it in the morning, after lunch, and late in the day, it can provide you with natural energy throughout the day. After utilizing these techniques and changing them up from time to time I have been able to create a great deal of natural daily energy and lose weight while doing it within my business at Florida Platinum Group. I have felt so much better; been able to go to bed later, not having to take naps throughout the day and am now I am much more productive every single day. I have learned so much from the research and the testing and hope what I have shared with you will help you with a boost of natural energy and weight loss as well.


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Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services



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Legal Mistakes to Avoid

July 7, 2016 at 12:13 PMqstampini

Undisclosed Legal Mistakes Costing Boca Raton Homebuyers Thousands


Someone we want you to meet

CEO of Florida Platinum Group, Kristin Stampini was speaking to attorney Erik Eastham about legal mistakes to be aware of in regards to real estate, and this is what he had to say.

By Erik Ian Eastham

Boca Raton, Fla. –  Whether someone is purchasing a main residence, vacation home or other investment property, real estate is often times an individual’s most valuable asset. Much of an individual’s net worth is defined by the real estate they own or have an interest in. As any smart investor will tell you, it’s not enough to own the asset, it must be protected as well; protection from the claims of creditors and the liability that comes with real estate is a necessity.

A novice investor 
may rely solely on
 insurance to help protect their real estate investment, however, insurance policies have dollar limits and coverage limitations. As such, a savvy investor will often rely on more than an insurance policy to ensure all their assets are protected; the savvy investor will likely not take real estate in their individual name.

Often, the best way to truly protect a real estate asset is by not owning it in the individual’s name. As such, it’s not necessarily what you own that is important, but how you own it. Many legal tools can be used to properly insulate the investor from any liabilities that may arise from real estate and reduce the risk of loss of the asset itself.

This article will briefly explain a few legal tools, which may be used in properly protecting your real estate asset.


Protection of the Main Residence

Pursuant to the Florida Constitution, an individual’s residence has 100% homestead protection. This means that no creditor can take your residence away from you. There is an exception to this rule; however the following three types of creditors may foreclose on your home: the mortgage holder, the holder of a contractor’s lien, and the county if you don’t pay your property taxes. Because the main residence is homestead protected from all other creditors, it is not necessary to own the home in the name of an LLC, Real Estate Trust, or Limited Partnership. However, it is prudent to own the home in the name of a Revocable Living Trust.

The main purpose of a Revocable Living Trust (RLT) is to avoid the cost and time restraints of probate. Probate is the legal process that must take place to move assets from the dead to the living. Often times, the individual’s family members are left with the burden of paying the costs of the home during the process of probate; with an RLT the home may be sold immediately. One-way individuals try to avoid the cost and time restraints of probate are by deeding the home, while they’re still alive, to their children either outright or as joint tenants. This is not proper estate planning. By deeding the home to your children while still alive, you can lose a portion of your homestead tax exemption and will likely result in the children having to pay high taxes when the home is sold.

Investment Property and Second Homes

Any investor looking to buy a second home or other investment property should seek legal counsel on the proper way to protect the new real estate asset and protect themselves from the liability the asset carries. Two of the most popular ways to own investment property are with the use of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Partnership (LP). Both of these entities will help protect the investor’s personal assets from lawsuits arising from the property by a tenant, guest, or government entity. If the entity only owns the investment property, only the investment property may be subject to a claim/judgment. LLCs and LPs will also protect the investment property from any claims or judgments the investor may have against them personally. Investors are wise to recognize the multitude of lawsuits and legal settlements that occur in our state and nation and to protect themselves from them. For example, many investors may be surprised to learn that they could be liable to a tenant for a burglary or robbery if a court were to find insufficient security as a contributing factor to the crime.

Limited Liability Company

LLCs have become very popular in the investment community because they are cheap, easy to set up, easy to maintain and most importantly, limit the liability of the members from the creditors of the LLC. They are also popular because many people think they can set them up without the help of an attorney.  Although an LLC can be set up without the skill of attorney, it is not prudent to do so. Many investors have set up LLCs with themselves as the sole member.  If they have done so in the 11th Federal Circuit and are sued, they will likely be surprised to learn that their LLC will offer them no limited liability protection; 11th Circuit case-law has mandated that single-member LLCs will be treated as a sole proprietorship, thus thwarting the very protection the investor sought when forming their LLC.

Limited Partnerships

LPs are analogous to LLC since they both offer limited liability and insulate the investment from the personal liability of a member or limited partner and vice versa. However, there are three major differences: (1) LPs have General Partners who are personally liable for partnership debts; (2) LPs have Limited Partners who don’t have managing control of the asset; and (3) LPs have hundreds of years of legal history behind them. This final distinction is an important one as it evens out the potential negative aspects of 1 and 2. LLCs are relatively new to the legal world. As such, it’s not always known how a court will rule whereas because the legal history behind LPs is so incredibly grounded, a result of a claim is likely known at the outset. 
In summary, purchasing real estate is often a sound investment, an exciting venture and done with the goal of having the real estate increase our net worth and possibly supplement our income.For any real estate questions or inquiries, I suggest contacting Florida Platinum Group- Re/ Max Services.

If the goal is to be properly met, it isn’t enough to simply own the asset. The asset must be owned in such a way that it ensures the investor’s personal protection and the protection of the asset itself.

Over the years, we have done a lot of business with the clients of Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services and their real estate team.

Erik eastham

If you would like to discuss the points of this article with an attorney free of charge, call Eastham Law Offices at (561) 395-6800 to set an appointment and mention this article and Kristin Stampini.

Eastham Law Offices has been legally servicing the community for thirty years and is located at 138 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33432, which is just West of Mizner Park in Boca Raton. 


Erik Ian Eastham has continued the advancement of Eastham Law Offices in the legal arena, successfully representing numerous clients in Estate Planning, Probate, Asset Protection, Guardianship Proceedings, Will Contests, Bankruptcy, and other legal matters, often times saving, winning and protecting our clients and their assets while maintaining a personal relationship with his clients.

If you have a legal issue or would simply like your estate reviewed, please feel free to contact eieastham@eastham-


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Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services



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What Everyone Ought to Know About Vacationing in Costa Rica

June 30, 2016 at 12:03 PMqstampini



Vacation, Friends, Family, Food, Birthday Celebrations, FUN & Real Estate!!!!!


I currently work in the real estate industry and previously to real estate, I worked in the restaurant business. From my previous and past experiences, I truly know how to appreciate a good vacation, great service, food, real estate and tourism.

Thirty-two of us, most of which grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan  just
stayed the entire week in Costa Rica at Barefoot Vacation Villa’s – vacationing and celebrating two special birthdays. There’s nothing better than going on a vacation with childhood friends that we’ve known for 45+ years.

Costa Bus

We stayed in a 16 bedroom All-Inclusive Costa Rican Villa located in the North Pacific province of Guanacaste, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The views were breathtaking and the sunsets were stunning! Villa Cascada at Barefoot Villas provided us with 5 STAR personal customer services. Guillermo, the property manager took very good care of us, organizing all of our outings, excursions and making sure we had absolutely everything we could have possibly wanted or needed. The Villa was immaculate and provided daily laundry service.

Costa Rica Zip


Gabriel & Rolando served us breakfast, lunch and dinner that were varied over the week. Our meals were served overlooking the beautiful views of the ocean and infinity pool. Every dinner we all told stories about our childhood memories, the stories created many tears of nightly joy. Endless cocktails were served day and night. We relaxed by the pool while soaking up the sun, playing volleyball, enjoying daily spa services, and drinking frozen Pina Colada and ice-cold beers. At night, we would dance and enjoy the music, drinks and one another.

Many “Chili Guaro’s Shots” being made by Gabriel and Rolando. You would be able to find this spicy shot just about anywhere, it’s very well known in Costa Rica. Tourists and locals like to drink the shots both at night and in the morning. The local Costa Rican Shots consisted of Guaro Cacique, tomato juice, mandarin lime, tobacco, and salt.


25% of Costa Rica is now protected within wildlife nature refuges, reserves, and national parks. The Costa Rican pineapples were so sweet and very juicy. The Costa Rican coffee is the BEST! Fortunately, the pineapple plantations do not encroach upon the protected lands. Currently, 75% of the pineapples sold in the United States are Costa Rican pineapples. There are a lot of things to love about Costa Rica. The landscape is gorgeous. The beaches are clean, and the weather is warm year round. What I loved most was the coffee. Costa Rica and gourmet coffee were made for each other. The weather was beautiful during the day with relaxing showers in the late afternoon and evening.

The beach had black sand; the black sand could shock some people who have only seen brown or white sand beaches. The beach wasn’t exactly built for normal beach activities and could be difficult to walk on as well as it is very hot because it absorbs heat. Regardless, the black sand beach was beautiful.

black sand

costa rica atv

We all participated in so many fun activities from; ATV’s, to Whitewater Rafting, Daily Spa Treatments, Zip lining, Jet ski’s, Casino Night, DJ/Band, Fishing, Catamaran – Snorkeling, Golf, Fireworks, & Cigar Rolling at the Villa.

We saw monkeys during several excursions; this was my husband and my very favorite thing to see in Costa Rica, we love monkeys! There are four kinds of monkeys in Costa Rica.


1. Howler Monkeys sound terrifying to a first-time tourist in Costa Rica. Howler Monkeys are 100%, peaceful vegetarians. Do not stand beneath a howler monkey family, they use an effective strategy to keep people away who bother them: they pee with the most innocent face imaginable and they think it’s so funny.

2. White-Faced Monkeys tend to live in groups of 5 to 24. These Monkeys are extremely curious and aggressive. They defend their territory by showing their sharp teeth, threatening and shaking on all the trees.

3. Spider Monkeys are the most intelligent monkeys in Costa Rica. They have long slender arms and prehensile tail, these monkeys move gracefully through the canopy looking for fruits, seeds, and leaves. Spider monkeys are severely endangered in Costa Rica.

4. Squirrel Monkey species are endangered; they are the most beautiful, inquisitive and friendly monkeys of the four species of the Costa Rica monkeys.

Sadly, there has been a decrease of the monkey population in Costa Rica. Deforestation is the main reason for the decrease. Many of the monkeys also end up being electrocuted on insulated power lines where their usual travel routes through the canopy have been cut, you can sign the petition to prevent Monkey Electrocution in Costa Rica Here

We also had access to 3 Golf Carts during our stay at Villa Cascada. We took the golf carts to the beach and into the city for nightlife and shopping. The city of Playas del Coco is one of the better-known beach cities in Costa Rica for both the locals and the tourists. It is one of the smaller beaches in the Guanacaste region but is it is full of nightlife, restaurants, bars and shopping. Coco beach is a great place for all kinds of people looking to kick back and have a fun time.

Most of the locals in this area of Costa Rica work in the tourism industry. There are many hotels, boats, and fishing which makes it easy for the locals to work in this industry and the tourists love the fishing and vacation spots.


This is one of the very best vacations we have ever been on. Not only because of the people we were with but also because of the beautiful country and people of Costa Rica. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica I highly recommend it.

My husband and I currently live in South Florida and own a real estate company. We love the real estate business, investing in real estate as well as selling residential real estate. We like to learn more about real estate industry around the world. Costa Rica doesn’t only have beautiful scenery but also has warm and friendly people. Life is simpler in Costa Rica, medical is cheap and high-quality and real estate prices are much lower than Florida. Costa Rica is still a developing country, but politically stable and safe. The best part is, it’s only two-and-a-half hour flight from Florida! 

If you are currently looking to buy or sell a home, please click the link below and receive one of the books I wrote on buying or selling a home.


Click Here for More Buyer Tips – The First 20 People Will Receive a “FREE” Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know about Selling a House”

Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services




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BEST Foot Forward

June 22, 2016 at 1:11 PMqstampini

How Did Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Get Involved?


My heart is warm and fuzzy, being one of the founders at Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services one goal we had for 2016 was to find a local charity that was near and dear to our hearts to be a part of.   My husband, Mark and I were looking for a long time, we wanted to make sure we were both passionate about the charity so that we could volunteer and donate part of our commission from each closing to the charity.


Mark and I never had the opportunity to have kids of our own, and we both love, love, love kids, we knew that the charity we were searching for was going to be involved with kids in some way or another.


A few years ago we were both volunteers at Home Safe in both the Boca Raton and Lake Worth locations. Home Safe is a non-profit organization that provides programs trying to prevent new cases of violence, and protects Palm Beach County and South Florida’s victims of child abuse and domestic violence, they provide programs preparing kids and families for a safer and more productive life. For an entire year, every Sunday Mark would go to the Lake Worth location of Home Safe and enjoyed spending his afternoon with teenage boys.  Mark and the kids played basketball, worked-out, the boys seem to really appreciate a trusted, consistent and solid male mentor in their life.


Mark’s parents were both teachers in the Midwest, his mom Mary worked with the Learning Disability kids (LD) for many years; she had the patience, passion, and caring personality that these kids really needed and deserved.  His dad Don was a teacher and coach his entire career, he made a big impact on all the kids he touched throughout his life. Mark’s dad passed away suddenly at the age of 59 from a heart attack.  For his funeral, they closed the entire school that he taught and coached at and bussed over 600 kids to the funeral home.  I was standing in the receiving line at the funeral home as kids came through the viewing, I was overwhelmed by the incredible things the kids and parents were saying about Don, he taught and made a difference in so many lives.  A couple years later they named a baseball field near Don’s hometown after him.What influential and heartwarming teachers both of Mark’s parents were.


For several years, Mark helped dozens and dozens of underprivileged kids get into junior colleges around the country to play football. Most of the kids he assisted had a tough upbringing and didn’t have the support or help from either one or both of their parents.

Why Best Foot Forward, Boca Raton, FL?  


When we found Best Foot Forward we knew it was the perfect non-profit organization for us to be associated with. Best Foot Forward originated in 2010, they just celebrated their 6th year anniversary.  BFF mentors over 100 kids in Palm Beach County and South Florida.  The kid’s range from kindergarteners through college, they help these kids maximize their potential in school by offering academic programs, support, and guidance.  


We are so passionate about this great non-profit organization. As Best Foot Forward states, “Growing up in foster care adds additional stresses to the already traumatic experiences the children have endured. Research shows that the brain of an abused child actually develops differently than that of a thriving child. Commonly, the end result is a failure in school, homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction, to name a few. Best Foot Forward has developed academic programs that minimize these consequences and provide opportunities for foster children that they would not otherwise have. Success is finally an option when they are a part of Best Foot Forward!”


In 2016 our first check we were able to present BFF with was $5,000. This contribution helped BFF with their summer programs for the kids. BFF provides summer SAT/ACT prep sessions, study and organizational skills and technology workshop, a summer book club and an Art program. It’s important to continue the progress of the students in the summertime just as they did throughout the school year.

Student Corner 




Our guest speaker at the BASH this year was David Sarris. David has been in the BFF program since his junior year in high school. He received his AA degree from Palm Beach State College and is currently a junior at FAU, working towards his degree in social work. David credits his perseverance in school to the support he receives from BFF. He spoke about wanting to leave school and give up on college, and how the BFF team pushed him to stay the course and work through any and every issue. David will make an incredible Social Worker and we look forward to watching him reach all of his dreams!




Another Student Sent a Note:

Not once in this lifetime did I ever believe that I would receive such love and care. Thank you for making me feel and look like a Princess tonight. Thank you for placing me in a position to meet people I thought I'd never meet, be encouraged in ways I thought was nonexistent and feel loved unconditionally despite my past. Thank you for being the mom and mentor I always needed. I hope you can see that the seeds that the two of you have planted in me has flourished and continues to do successfully. I am a Master's level clinician and a homeowner. Y'all had EVERYTHING to do with it. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Love you ❤❤❤












grad celeb

We had a record number of graduates this year and it was so exciting to share in their celebrations. Graduating high school when you are in foster care is quite a feat. Going on to graduate college is even better, and we are excited to have both, celebrating our first Bachelor's of Science in Accounting. We are very proud of all our graduates, and more importantly, they are very proud of themselves!








We are truly blessed by our clients and their referrals and repeat business so that we are able to give back to our community. If you would like to find out more about Best Foot Forward please go to Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services, we feel grateful that we are honored with the opportunity to donate and help make a difference in the foster kids of Palm Beach and South Florida’s life. Making a Difference, One Kid at a Time!


Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services

6070 N Federal Highway

Boca Raton, FL 33487


Click Here for  Buyer Tips – or Here for Seller tips. The First 20 People Will Receive a “FREE” Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a House

Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services




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FHA Mortgage Myths

June 17, 2016 at 10:01 AMqstampini



Are FHA Mortgages Good or Bad?           

Homeowners who are thinking of selling their personal property often times are scared of an offer with FHA financing. Over the years, FHA loans have been labeled unfairly as the loans people obtain with bad credit, people with no money or both get when trying to buy a home. That is simply untrue. Co-Founder of Florida Platinum Group Mark Stampini states, “FHA loans are great for buyers and now that appraisals are similar to conventional loans, sellers would be crazy not to look at those offers”. FHA may be an option for someone with a lower credit score or little money to put down, it also may be the best deal for any buyer purchasing a primary residence. When a seller sees an FHA offer they should be excited as the buyer is looking to live in their home. They are not an investor making a business decision.”


MYTH #1 - FHA Repair and/or Appraisal Requirements Will Probably Kill the Deal!


Appraisals can be a little tougher with the requirements on property conditions. Yes, it’s true that FHA loans do require some repairs that must be fixed before closing, an appraiser for any other loan type is required to report the same issues that can affect the health or safety of the buyer.  FHA loans do include appraisal requirements, and so do all loans. The FHA appraisal form is exactly the same form as is used for the conventional appraisals and many times the review is being done by the same appraiser as the conventional loan. The FHA may ask for an evaluation of a few specific items (verifying electric and running water to name a few) and now the conventional loan requires that as well. So really there is no truth to the myth that FHA repair and/or appraisal requirements will probably kill the deal! Appraisers may have been more difficult on FHA appraisals before 2002 – since HUD changed its’ requirements it is no longer true today.


MYTH #2 – FHA Loans are ONLY for First Time Homebuyers


First-time homebuyers may like the FHA product for the lower down payment requirement, but repeat borrowers also obtain FHA financing. FHA only requires a 3.5% down payment and the credit score can go as low as 550, the debt to income ratio can usually be higher with the FHA financing. Many times a buyer is approved FHA and Conventional but the FHA product for them is better.

MYTH #3 – FHA Loans Take More Time than Other Loans


FHA loans no longer have a lengthy and cumbersome process; there have been many changes that have made the process much faster and in many cases it can close faster than a conventional mortgage. Turn time in underwriting is the same as a conventional loan. The only reason an FHA loan would take any longer is because the borrowers may take longer in the process since this may be their first loan and they may lack some organization.


MYTH #4 – Buyers Can’t Buy a Condo With an FHA Loan


FHA maintains a list of approved condominiums on-line that are approved and updated often, the list does expire from time to time. You will need to make sure that the condo still qualifies for an FHA loan. Please note that FHA condo loans might be on the approved list for FHA however the lender still has to approve the loan. You can also use a condo questionnaire, which the buyer most likely will have to pay for and get additional condos approved as well.

MYTH #5 – FHA Loans are More Expensive than Others



This depends on several factors such as the interest rate and MI (mortgage insurance that insures the loan against mortgage default). The insurance costs may or may not make the loan more expensive, I recommend consulting a mortgage professional about this to find out. If you are a buyer, seller or real estate agent please know the facts about each loan type so that you can advise or be advised to what the true facts are regarding an FHA loan. It can be unfortunate to see buyers, and sellers lose out on the best deal or the perfect home because they don’t know the facts about an FHA mortgage.

To see how much you can afford you can use an FHA mortgage calculator   located At Florida Platinum Group, we assist all of our buyers and sellers so that they can make an educated decision before a seller accepts an offer and before a buyer writes a contract. Sellers, please visit us here, and Buyers please visit us here, for more information.

To get pre-approved or if you have any mortgage questions at all, please feel free to contact:

Billy Fazio, Mortgage Loan Originator
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
c: (561) 352-5054 f: (561) 246-3027

Dan Sidenberg, VP of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate



Click Here for More Buyer Tips – The First 20 People Will Receive a "FREE" Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know about Selling a House”

Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services


YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED OR WE’LL BUY IT! No gimmicks!  For information on my exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, order a free report by visiting:



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Parkinson's Disease, My Father and Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali PSD

Two Champs With Parkinson’s Disease Before the Age of 50

One CHAMP I’m referring to is the one and only Muhammad Ali, one of the most recognizable men in history, and the other champ I'm referring to (which many may think I am crazy to even associate them together) but he was my true hero and that is my dad. My dad was born in 1941 and Ali born in 1942, both of which were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease  before the age of 50.  The average age of Parkinson’s Disease is 62 and only 5 – 10% are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease before the age of 50.  My dad died in 2011 at the age of 70 and Ali, just recently in 2016 at the age of 74.

Ali was not just about boxing; my dad was not just about his successful career – both were battling a disease that inspired many of us.  They both had incomparable work ethics; they were both confident, dedicated, altruistic, well-respected by so many, and were both very family oriented men.


Ali inspired millions, my dad inspired hundreds, and both touched countless lives while alive as well as in their passing. Ali said, “For many years I have dreamed of creating a place to share, teach and inspire people to be their best and to pursue their dreams.

Kristin's Dad  Andersons

My brother Bret Anderson posted on Facebook right after Ali passed, “The greatest of all time…My Dad and Muhammad Ali. Both were extremely charismatic, both were the best in their profession, both made people laugh and want to be around them. And when they were up against the toughest battle in their lives (Parkinson's Disease), both fought valiantly to the very end. Heroes they were.”

‪#‎RIP Champions

Seeing Muhammad Ali for the First Time

I had a personal experience with Muhammad Ali about 17 years ago while I was living in Louisville, KY working as the General Manager at J. Alexander’s restaurant. While working on Mother’s Day in 1999, I had received a call requesting to reserve a table for seven for  Muhammad Ali. I did not believe it, we didn't take reservations and it was the busiest day of the year, but of course, I reserved the table anyway. 45 minutes later, I really couldn't believe it as Muhammad Ali and his family walked into J. Alexander’s restaurant in Louisville to have dinner. As you can imagine the restaurant was packed as it was the busiest day of the year. However, I have never seen a reaction from everyone, and I mean everyone the way it was when Muhammad Ali entered the building.You could feel the silence in the air as he walked through the restaurant. For a brief moment, the entire restaurant stopped, from the chefs in the back to every staff member and dining guest stood as they gave a standing ovation. A true well-known “Champion” he was ! Working in the restaurant industry I had seen a number of celebrities walk in. I couldn’t believe Ali and his family were walking through our front door.At this point, he was shuffling and very soft-spoken, he greeted everyone with respect.Also, something I had never witnessed before happened as well, after his entrance, nobody bothered him or tried to approach him for an autograph or anything. They simply allowed him to enjoy his family dinner. This truly showed the amount of love and respect people had for this incredible man.


Similarly, Ali and my dad had Parkinson’s Disease at a young age; the early stages for both of them were very subtle. At the beginning stages, some people can feel a little stiff, have difficulty getting out of a chair, remain frozen in an expression and several other subtle signs. My dad had a slight shaking of his pinky finger many years before he was ever diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We believe he had Parkinson’s Disease for well over 20 years. On the other hand, Ali never displayed much of the disease until 12 years after he was diagnosed.

<img src="boxing.jpg" alt="boxing gloves">

Ali gave people hope and proved that anyone could overcome insurmountable odds.  He gave people courage and made fighters in so many of us. He touched lives with his incredible spirit and wasn’t only a monumental athlete, but someone who stood up for their beliefs, a leader, a humanitarian, a global citizen, and an artist.  Ali’s work both inside and outside of the boxing ring truly makes Muhammad Ali one of “The Greatest of All Time”.

There are 5 stages of Parkinson's Disease, not everyone has all the same symptoms of the disease; some will have restless sleep, a soft voice, difficulty swallowing, constipation, memory problems, confusion, they fall easily, have oily skin and dandruff and much more.  My dad at one stage or another did have all of those symptoms but not everyone will experience the same. Ali and my dad both experienced their body and arms trembling uncontrollably, both had a soft voice, slurred their speech, saliva drooling from their mouths and a tremor in their hands.  They both moved slowly over the years, shuffled while they walked, and their muscles and facial expressions stiffened and became rigid.

As National Parkinson’s Foundation describes Parkinson’s Disease, “Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people. Most people's symptoms take years to develop, and they live for years with the disease.  In short, a person's brain slowly stops producing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. With less and less dopamine, a person has less and less ability to regulate their movements, body and emotions.  Parkinson's disease itself is not fatal. However, complications from the disease are serious; there is currently no cure for Parkinson's.”

Nearly 1 million people in the US are currently living with Parkinson’s disease and it affects 7 to 10 million people worldwide.  Why Parkinson’s disease occurs is not known.  Doctors and Scientists believe it can be caused by; oxidative stress, head trauma, certain toxins in the environment may be linked to Parkinson’s disease which includes; carbon monoxide, carbon disulfide, and manganese.  Some think that Parkinson’s disease may be inherited but not enough is understood at this point and the implications for children of people with Parkinson’s disease aren’t clear.  As motor skills decline, simple tasks like brushing your teeth or eating may become more difficult and may struggle from independence. Medications and the disease itself can cause mood changes and even the thoughts of suicide.

At the present time, there is no cure for PD, but there are a variety of medications that can provide dramatic relief from the symptoms. Scientists are currently looking for the cause of PD and continue their research for possible environmental factors like toxins that may trigger the disease and they are studying the genetic factors to determine how defective genes may play a role in the disease. Other scientists are working to develop new drugs that can delay, prevent or even reverse the disease.

My dad worked so hard his entire life in order to provide a good life for his entire family, he traveled often for his career as well as working countless hours per week.  I believe with the lifestyle my dad had, stress may have played a role in his disease. He was a strong man who never gave up and was passionate about what he believed in. This trait trickled down to me as well, and at the age of 35, I also felt a great deal of stress. Working 60+ hours per week as well as moving 14 times in 10 years all while managing restaurants.

After watching what my dad went through, it was an eye-opener and I decided I should change my career and my entire lifestyle; in 2002 I moved to Florida and a couple of years later I found my passion in the real estate business.  I love helping clients achieve their goals, and also coaching realtors in how to be successful.

Seeing the recent passing of such an inspirational man, Muhammad Ali, reminded me of my father, and sadly I didn’t realize the similarities between them until then. However, I am grateful to be able to witness the lives of such amazing individuals who inspired me as well as many others.

Two “CHAMPS” both diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease before the age of 50 and both were admired and moved so many of us!  RIP Muhammad Ali & LeRoy F. Anderson. It's important to spread the awareness, so to find out more about Parkinson's Disease Click Here, to read more about it on Parkinson's Disease Foundation's website.



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How to Buy a House ?

June 14, 2016 at 7:45 AMqstampini


What Lenders Look for to Qualify for a Mortgage?

I have been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and have worked with hundreds of buyers, and have closed between 100 – 200 transactions per year.  At Florida Platinum Group, we do buyer consultations every time we meet with a new buyer. We feel this is a very important step in the buying process and we can service our clients at a much higher level by doing it. During the buyer consultation, more often than not, the buyer hasn’t been pre-approved for a mortgage. We are here to help assist the buyer and offer options to help them obtain a mortgage pre-approval.

What’s the Difference between Using a Bank or a Mortgage Broker?

1.Bank (Direct lender)

    1. Offers a “Cookie Cutter type” of loan
    2. You need to fit the “A” profile (job, credit, income)
    3. Limited choice of products
    4. Bank employees review your application

If you as the borrower have excellent credit, long-term employment history and access to all financial documents a bank (a direct lender may be right for you).  They usually offer a lower interest rate; the problem is that banks issue pre-approval letters all the time. Then once the loan goes to underwriting they find that you actually don’t fit the “Cookie Cutter” type they are looking for and your loan gets pitched in the reject pile automatically.  It’s not that you necessarily don’t have great credit, it’s that you don’t fit the "Cookie Cutter" loan they offer. The problem with this is that you don’t find this out until two weeks before you are supposed to close on your new home and you now aren’t able to do close.  I can’t tell you how many buyers this has happened to so that they can save very little on their monthly payment.

3885 aerial-ed

2. Mortgage Broker

    1. Represents multiple lenders and all of their loan products
    2. Matches the loan product that best meets your needs at the best possible price
    3. Brokers usually are much more knowledgeable than a bank employee
    4. Brokers are required to have much higher qualifications than a bank employee


We find the mortgage broker closes a much higher percent of the loans than the bank's (direct lenders). The mortgage lenders offer much more options and the qualifications aren’t usually as hard as a bank or (direct lender). You may save a little by going through a bank (direct lender), but the stress it may cause if you get denied a week or two before closing just may not be worth the potential small savings.


Bankruptcy / Foreclosure

Even if you've filed for bankruptcy or suffered a foreclosure in the past few years doesn't mean you're excluded from qualifying for a loan. As long as you meet other requirements that are satisfied for the loan, such as re-establishment of good credit, solid payment history, etc., you can still qualify.


What Mortgage Lenders and Banks (Direct Lenders) Look at When Qualifying a Buyer for a Loan?

  • Credit History (Track record you’ve established while managing credit and making payments over time - credit score)
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio – Monthly gross income (before taxes) (43% DTI ratio is usually the highest ratio a borrower can have)
  • Collateral (Will be evaluated when applying for secured loans such as a home equity loan)
  • Capital (Savings, investments, and other assets)
  • Conditions (Environmental and economic conditions may be considered)

credit card-save

A Variety of Things Can Affect Your Credit Score

  • Any missed or late payments
  • Your amount of credit
  • How old your accounts are
  • The various accounts that you have

While lenders look at your income, debt and savings when making mortgage decisions. Your credit score is the #1 factor in determining whether you get approved and what your interest rate would be.


3885 stairs-ed

What Determines Your Credit Score?

  • 35% Payment History – Timely and no missed payments
  • 30% Amounts Owed – Balances should be no more than 30% of credit limit
  • 15% Length of Credit History – How long have you had credit?
  • 10% New Credit – How many accounts have you opened recently?
  • 10% Types of Credit Used – Combination of credit cards, installment loans etc.


The standard FICO credit-scoring scale goes from 300 to 850, with higher numbers reflecting better credit.

  • Excellent (800-850) – Your credit score will have no impact on your interest rate. You will likely be offered the lowest rate available.
  • Very good (750-799) – Your credit score may have a minimal impact on your interest rate. You could be offered interest rates 0.25% higher than the lowest available.
  • Good (700-749) – Your credit score may have a small impact on your interest rate. This means rates up to .5% higher than the lowest available are possible.
  • Fair (650-699) – Your credit score will affect your interest rate. Be prepared for rates up to 1.5% higher than the lowest available.
  • Poor (600-649) – Your credit score is going to seriously affect your interest rates. You may be hit with rates 2-4% higher than the lowest available.
  • Very Bad (300-599) – This is trouble. If you are offered a mortgage, you’ll be paying some very high rates.


Your credit is updated on a monthly basis and you should be checking it on a regular basis.

  • Look for any possible errors on your report and challenge them (according to Federal Trade Commission 1 in 5 Americans have an error on their credit report)
  • Make sure all bills are paid on time
  • Pay down your credit balances – low balances raise your credit score
  • Pay down existing debt (debt should be no more than 30% of income) – this is one of the fastest ways to improve your credit score
  • Only open new credit accounts when you need it – unnecessary credit applications can hurt your credit score.


As a real estate professional, at Florida Platinum Group we can help you with the entire buying process and have recommended lenders and banks that we have had great success with, that we can provide to you.

 Billy Fazio, Mortgage Loan Originator
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
c: (561) 352-5054 f: (561) 246-3027


Dan Sidenberg, VP of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

We feel consulting our buyers and advising them along the way is of utmost importance to their success with homeownership.

Click Here for More Buyer Tips – The First 20 People Will Receive a "FREE" Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know About Selling a House

Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services


YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED OR WE’LL BUY IT! No gimmicks!  For information on my exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, order a free report by visiting:


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VA Loan Myths

June 14, 2016 at 7:42 AMqstampini


Wouldn’t You Want a Veteran to Purchase Your Home for Sale?

American veterans or their surviving spouses are offered a great home financing option for a VA loan. Veterans can purchase a home with no down payment which is a great option to have. However, we have noticed that home sellers are hesitant to accept offers on their homes with VA financing. Many homeowners feel buyers that are applying for a VA loan are not ‘strong enough’ since they are usually not required to have any money towards a down payment. Sellers also believe they have to pay for closing costs, inspector fees, or anything else that may come up during the home-buying process.

Myth #1: VA Appraisal & Inspections are Nightmares


VA can’t buy a home in “POOR” condition otherwise, the appraisal is similar to the conventional loan appraisal. A VA appraisal does have to be ordered by the VA, which can take up to two weeks to complete.

They look for the home to be “SAFE”, roofing must be adequate with at least two years of life left, plumbing and electrical safe and in good condition, loose paint scraped and repainted no leaks or defective construction or decay, no dry rot, fungus growing, destructive insects or termites. The VA loan is not designed to use for a fixer-upper home, if the home is in good and safe condition then there should not be any issues, VA does require a clear termite report.


Myth # 2: VA is a Terrible Loan Product

 FALSE. It is one of the best products on the market.

The VA mortgage product offers 100% financing to our VA’s, provides a higher debt to income qualifying ratios which allow more people to qualify for this loan, there is no monthly mortgage insurance like an FHA loan and the interest rates tend to run lower on government-backed loans.

Myth # 3: No Down Payment for a VA Loan Makes These Loans Risky


VA Loans have been the safest loan on the market since the housing crash. Despite the zero down payment, VA loans have had the lowest foreclosure rate of any mortgage type for a while.


Myth #4: VA Loans Take Too Long to Close


There is a misconception that VA loans take forever to close. VA loans can close fast! VA loans still can be closed in 30 days if it is properly structured and the client provides documents in a timely manner. VA loans can close in the same timeframe as any other loan. Instead of telling sellers incorrect information, support our Veterans and the benefit of home ownership, and being able to live the ‘American Dream’.


To see how much you can afford you can use a VA mortgage calculator located Here.


Click Here for More Buyer Tips – The First 20 People Will Receive a "FREE" Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know about Selling a House”

Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services



YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED OR WE’LL BUY IT! No gimmicks!  For information on my exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, order a free report by visiting:


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Houses for Sale: Staging Tips

June 13, 2016 at 10:19 AMqstampini


Staging a House: Affordable Tips Before You Sell

As a homeowner and seller, preparing your house for buyers can be an overwhelming thought, it can be very tedious and time-consuming if you don’t have the right game plan or experience. As a real estate professional I know what buyers are looking for, I put together a list that touches on some of the important key staging tips that are inexpensive and that you as the homeowner can do yourself without hiring or paying a professional stager.  These easy and affordable home staging tips can be the key to selling your house quickly and for top dollar.Even a simply staged house on average can sell between 1 – 3% more than a house for sale that has not been staged at all. As professional real estate advisors at Florida Platinum Group-RE/MAX Services, we are always helping our clients prepare to sell their house for the highest price the market allows.

At Florida Platinum Groupour houses sell faster and for 2.7% more than the average local realtor. For example, if your house is listed and sold through another real estate agent let's say for $400,000 if we had listed and sold the same house, on average it would have sold for an additional $10,800 or 410,800. Not all real estate agents are the same, not even close. The vital thing to always remember here is that less is more when staging your house for sale. Some of the staging basics to have on hand before we get started are big and durable trash bags, cardboard boxes (available at Wal-Mart at a low cost), cleaning supplies (paper towels, multi-purpose cleaners, baking soda, sponges, rubber gloves, air freshener etc.). Below are some of the staging tips that we provide to sellers that have houses for sale.

Staging Tip # 1: De-Clutter Your House

  • Fill one trash bag per day
  • Give away or donate one item per day
  • Pack one box daily
  • Get a storage unit and pack up a minimum of 30% in each room
  • Hide television wires in a shower curtain rod

Why it’s important?                                            

De-cluttering your house allows for whoever is viewing your house, to simply be able to view it! Without all the unnecessary distractions or mess that can block or hide important selling points that a potential buyer could possibly love. You want your house to feel as open and light as possible so that it is welcoming to the buyer. Too much clutter can make a room look too small and/or feel claustrophobic. Remove as much as you can and only keep the necessities when staging.

Staging Tip # 2: Set the Dinner Table and Other Tables in Your House

  • Use simplistic placemats
  • Have simple, clean, fresh and full looking flowers to make for a great centerpiece
  • drpearwood

Why it’s important?

It is imperative that you don't use anything too loud or distracting when setting the tables in your house, everything should be neutral and comforting. Believe it or not, the dollar store carries great placemats, decorative flowers, small art pieces, and other home items that are affordable that can easily amp up your house. You can also try arts and crafts stores like Michael’s to find other interesting staging pieces.

Staging Tip # 3: Paint the Walls and Refresh

  • Paint the walls a fresh neutral color, beige or cream colors preferably
  • Add colorful pillows to couches and throw rugs
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Buy fresh and colorful flowers for inside the house
  • Use vanilla candles for a warm and awesome smell
  • Buy fresh towels
  • Use decorative soaps for bathrooms
  • Eliminate any funny odors and/or pet odors

Why it’s important?

You see there’s an apparent theme here when it comes to the use of color that is most effective when staging your house. Using fresh and neutral colors on the walls are most appealing and least startling to the eye. However, you can throw in a little personality when it comes to throw rugs and pillows. Making sure the air is clear of any odors is HUGE, this is another major thing to take note of, any odor can immediately shut out a potential buyer. The little things such as new towels and new cabinet hardware show attention to detail that won’t go unnoticed by a potential buyer.

Staging Tip # 4: Depersonalize Your House


  • Prepare yourself emotionally first
  • Remove personal photos
  • Remove any personal items that may be potentially controversial or politically, morally or socially incorrect

Why it’s important?

When staging a house you do not want to have any negative distractions that can potentially offend a buyer. If someone who is viewing your house sees something that they find offensive, it will be the last thing they will remember and can affect the sale of one’s house. Removing any personal photos is important as well, it allows the buyer to picture themselves in the house, where they can put their furniture and personal items. It gives them an opportunity to visualize and create their own memories.

mb pearwood

Staging Tip #5: Lighting

  • Use bright lights
  • Use as much natural light as possible
  • Open all shutters
  • Clean and/or replace light fixtures
  • Change out and/or upgrade light switches

Why it’s important?

Lighting is also key to staging a house. Lighting allows for one’s house to feel more open, feel more energized, and it shows off every facet of your house.

Staging Tip # 6: Curb Appeal

  • Buy fresh flowers for the yard and front entrance – red, yellow or purple flowers are great colors to use. Home Depot and Lowes have affordable and beautiful flowers and often have them on sale
  • Fresh paint on front door, red front doors are the most effective
  • Put mulch in the yard and around trees
  • Clean all windows
  • Safely remove any bees or wasps nests
  • Power wash driveway, roof and siding if necessary
  • Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed

Why it’s important?

Super Important! The outside of your house is the very first thing a buyer will see, this will set the tone of the showing so it is extremely crucial that the curb appeal is welcoming and in the best possible condition. Staging the front of the house (or lack- thereof) can set the overall tone or mood of the rest of the showing and can influence the buyer’s opinion of the entire house. First impressions do matter; staging the outside of your house is just as important as staging the inside.

kitchen pearwood

Staging Tip # 7: Deep Clean

  • Remove everything from counters
  • Clean all counters
  • Clean the fridge (inside and outside)
  • Clean the microwave, oven, stove, sink and dishwasher
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Deep clean and organize bathrooms
  • Buy a new shower curtain
  • Organize and clean garage
  • Remove dust and clean blinds
  • Remove pet fur
  • Wash rugs, curtains, and sheets
  • Ensure that every bed is neatly made
  • Vacuum and clean all carpets thoroughly
  • Organize closets, pantries, and drawers
  • Use plug-in air fresheners, and lightly spray the house with air freshener, nothing too strong or overpowering

Don’t Like to Clean? Hire Someone.

Here are a few links to help you find a cleaning service in your area:

Why it’s important?

Making sure your house is as clean and organized as possible, both the inside and outside is imperative. If your house is messy and disorganized it will instantly turn off the buyer and easily take away from your house and how much you could possibly sell it for. The buyer will remember nothing else besides “how messy that house was”, and poof there goes the sale of your house. A messy and disorganized house is a staging faux-pas.

Staging Tip #8: What about Pets?

  • Clean pet areas such as a litter box or cage and relocate them to the back porch or an isolated area
  • Replace or use furniture covers for any frayed or chewed up items
  • Use baking soda to help get rid of any stains

Why it’s important?

The mess a pet can make and the odor they create can sometimes be difficult to maintain.  That’s why it’s important to keep it clean, odor free, and in an isolated area to avoid any mess or odors from happening in the future.

In these before and after pictures you can see the effect that simple and affordable staging can have on the overall feel of a house:





If you want the pictures and marketing of your house to look great and the showings of your house to go well, it is imperative to follow these simple and inexpensive staging tips. Staging your house for sale is about allowing the house to put its’ best foot forward so to speak. You want the house to be able to do the talking and not distract or take away from unique and awesome features that your house offers, simple staging makes it easy to do this. The buyer wants to see the most your house has to offer, and you as the seller, want to get the highest price possible. These two things go hand in hand; you could have full control of this if you stage your house correctly. It’s sad to fathom that bad or no staging could potentially result in someone not selling their house for what it’s worth, especially since it’s something that can be easily fixed.  A first impression is extremely significant to a buyer and can make or break the sale of your house if the presentation or the staging is off. It’s helpful to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask yourself “If I were a buyer what would I like to see?” For all of the staging tips that I have mentioned the total cost for everything will cost you less than $500.00! Furthermore, when selling your house, the improvements to your house could profit you on average 1-3% more than if you did nothing.

Click Here for More Seller Tips – The First 20 People Will Receive a "FREE" Copy of the Book I Wrote and Published, “What Every Person Needs to Know about Selling a House
Author:  Kristin Stampini – CEO Florida Platinum Group – RE/MAX Services


YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED OR I’LL BUY IT! No gimmicks!  For information on my exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program, order a free report by visiting:


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House Hunters, Fake?

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Is House Hunters Fake?

Recently I’ve been obsessed with watching HGTV’s House Hunters. More obsessed than usual. Especially with the House Hunters international edition which I always find super intriguing, to see how the real estate market compares with that of the United States’. However, as one of the founders of Florida Platinum Group in Palm Beach County and as a Real Estate Agent with many years of experience under my belt. I know that many aspects of House Hunters simply do not happen in real life and a lot of the true aspects of the house hunting process are left out. I start to ponder whether if others, who watch House Hunters without such experience, truly believe that this is how the home buying process goes. It can be a bit more complicated and tedious than that especially if one chooses the wrong agency to work with.

The Breakdown: How many Houses Did you Say?

Three. Only three homes are seen being showed on House Hunters to the buyers. Typically it is a couple looking for a bigger home or something that they can expand their family in. Then the agent is seen doing a little research and returning with three homes he or she thinks the buyers will love. Then Boom! Just like that, the buyers pick their favorite out of the selection then they live happily ever after. Right? Wrong. Totally wrong, the average amounts of homes that are showed to buyers are eight to ten according to the National Association of Realtors’ Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015. Here at Florida Platinum Group, we like to do a thorough research and do just that and show eight or ten homes, so that our clients do not feel like they are missing out on their dream home. Even if that means going above and beyond, and doing a thorough consultation, digging deep and eliminating all of the frustration, stress and confusion. So that buyer is not bogged down with 20 homes to look at. One of our Senior Buyer’s Agents, Steve Shepherd states, “when I first started out, the most amounts of homes I’ve ever shown to a buyer were probably 10 homes, and that’s because we do a thorough consultation with our clients so we can find exactly what they are looking for”. Shepherd also goes on to mention “I find it frustrating that it seems like the agents on House Hunters aren’t really listening to the needs and wants of the clients, and they don’t really find what they were looking for”. As full-time professionals, we stress asking the right amount of questions, that is how we can take away showing so many homes. We stress on finding the best properties that fit the criteria of our clients. Most agents are quick to just show any home to their clients and do not really listen to what they find important. Alex Mendel, another Senior Buyer’s Agent on our team says that the most important question he asks to clients is, “what does a dream home mean to you, and what are your top three must- haves?” Our main focus and goal are to satisfy the needs of our client.


Moreover, a few very imperative elements that comes into play during the home buying process that gets glossed over in House Hunters, is the market of the homes, the overall length of time that is spent searching before a purchase, some of the most difficult steps (which are not always difficult), the method of home purchase, what buyers want the most from Real Estate Agents and the benefits having one. Homes within a buyer’s market has tons of listings which can be overwhelming for a buyer, homes within a seller’s market, there is not a whole lot to be shown. A lot of times in a seller’s market a home will go under contract in a couple of days and it can get easily missed. Like I stated previously, the average number of homes shown to a client is about eight to ten. However, the overall length of that process according to the National Association of Realtors’ Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015, the average number of weeks searched of all buyers is about 10 weeks. People of younger ages of “34 and younger and 35- 49 tend to spend up to 11 weeks searching” while those around the age of “50-89 spend up to 8 weeks”. This signifies the importance of knowing your client, the younger group tends to be first time home buyers that are unsure about that they might want, this is where finding an agent that will be patient, suggestive, knowledgeable and attentive is key. Whereas the older group has a little bit more experience in the home buying process and have more of a clear understanding of what they want and do not need as many suggestions as a first time home buyer.  Furthermore, some perceived difficulties are not that difficult as they are hyped up to be are, “finding the right property, paperwork and understanding the overall process and steps”. 53% of all buyers believe that finding the right property is the hardest, 24% think paperwork is the most difficult and 16% deem that understanding the process and steps is the most difficult. All of these perceived notions that house hunters fails to address all boil down to whether one works with the right agent. Unfortunately, if one works with the wrong agent then all of these difficulties can come to fruition. I see this all the time on House Hunters, where an agent seems to be getting a little agitated with the client, and the client gets frustrated as well. If an individual works with an agent that is not attentive, understanding of the wants and needs of the clients, patient and trustworthy then finding the right property can be a nightmare.


In addition, House Hunters tends to completely ignore the existence of paperwork when it comes to purchasing a home. However, there is a stigma around paperwork that it is hard to understand. Once again only IF, an agent does not properly guide their client through the paperwork, simplify it and make it as easy to understand as possible. To make paperwork less daunting we give our client the contract first so they can review it and ask any questions they might have before they make an offer so they know what they are getting, so they know there is no hidden language, and it gives them the ability to ask questions now rather than later. We are able to hit all the key points up front especially with a first time home buyer so that they can feel comfortable. I also find it shocking that, during the home buying process on House Hunters that the reality behind finding the right agent is not shown, as this is where finding the right home ultimately comes from. Up to “88% of all buyers”, whether they are older or younger, their “method of home purchase is through a real estate agent or broker”. If House Hunters truly wanted to depict the house hunting process the method of finding the right agent should be shown. Getting stuck with an agent who may not mesh well with the client can be detrimental to the home buying process and can put an overall damper on it.  

Even if House Hunters does not show everything that goes into the reality of buying a home, I think it is important to keep in mind what really happens. It gives a small snippet of what goes in the real estate world, and regardless it is a fun show to watch that gets you sucked into what homes will be shown, wondering what home will be picked and getting mad at the TV when the buyers on the show do not choose the house you wanted. House Hunter is all in good fun and a show I will always tune into, just make sure you don’t feed into the “reality” of the show.


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